Quick Answer: Which Effect Of Current Causes The Bulb To Glow?

What happens when electric current is passed to an electric bulb?


When electric current is passed to an electric bulb, resistance of the spring like structure joined between two points in the Bulb.

This causes it to heat and hence it produces Light.

It involves conversion of electrical energy to Light energy..

What does the glowing of the bulb indicate?

To indicate means to point something out or to present evidence. If you feel sick during a car trip, you can indicate this to the driver by groaning loudly or announcing “I’m going to be sick!”

What are the three effects of electric current?

The three effects of electric current are:Heating effect.Magnetic effect.Chemical effect.

What is effect of current electricity?

When an electric current is passed through a conductor, the conductor becomes hot after some time and produce heat. This happens due to the conversion of some electric energy passing through the conductor into heat energy. This effect of electric current is called the heating effect of current.

Is milk is a good conductor of electricity?

Milk is a good conductor of electricity because it contains water and acid. … So due to presence of water and lactic acid in milk, it is good conductor of electricity.

What are the different effects of current?

The flow of electric current causes the following effects in a conductor: heating effect, chemical effect, magnetic effect.

What are the two effect of electric current?

Answer: The two effects of electric current are; heating effect and magnetic effect. Question 6: When the current is switched on through a wire, a compass needle kept nearby gets deflected from its north-south position.

What is the magnetic effect of current?

The magnetic effect of electric current is known as electromagnetic effect. It is observed that when a compass is brought near a current carrying conductor the needle of compass gets deflected because of flow of electricity. This shows that electric current produces a magnetic effect.

Which effect of current is responsible for the glow of an electric bulb explain?

heating effectHence, the heating effect of electric current is responsible for the glow of the bulb in an electric circuit.

How do we check the electric current?

The electric current in one part of a circuit is measured with an ammeter, which gives a reading in ampere. To take the measurement, a gap is made in the circuit and the ammeter is connected into that gap, so that the charged particles moving around the circuit must pass through the meter.

When an electric current is passed through an electric bulb it becomes warm when touched give reason?

Answer. The filament in the bulb has resistance. The current flowing through the resistance of bulb causes the filament to dissipate energy in the form of heat and light. The filament is actually glowing white-hot because of the energy it is dissipating, thus giving off light.

In which case will the bulb not glow?

The bulb may not glow because of the following reasons: (i) Liquid in the beaker may be non-conducting. In such a case, the electric current would not be able to pass through the liquid. Hence, the circuit will not be complete.

Do the electric bulbs used in your house glow with a dry cell Why?

Answer: The electric bulb glows when electric current passes through its filament. The small amount of electricity produced by one or two dry cells can light up only a small electric bulb like a torch bulb, it cannot light up the big electric bulb which we use for lightning in our house.

Why does the glowing electric bulb become warm?

The purpose of an incandescent bulb is to produce light. The current flowing through the filament of the bulb heats up the filament due to Joules heating and the bulb glows. The heat that is responsible for production of light in the filament heats up the bulb. … The conducting gas becomes hot making the bulb warm.

Which effect of current does the filament in?

Due to the heating effect of electric current, the filament of the bulb gets heated up and glows.