Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between Renal Cortex And Renal Medulla?

What is the difference between the cortex and the medulla?

The cortex consists of convoluted tubules together with the renal corpuscles.

The medulla consists of loops of Henle and collecting ducts.

The medulla may be divided into “zones” or “stripes”, visible grossly, which reflect the structural differentiation of the tubules that form the loops of Henle..

What is renal cortex?

The renal cortex is the outer part of the kidney. It contains the glomerulus and convoluted tubules. The renal cortex is surrounded on its outer edges by the renal capsule, a layer of fatty tissue. Together, the renal cortex and capsule house and protect the inner structures of the kidney.

What is in the renal medulla?

The renal medulla (Latin renes medulla = kidney middle) contains the structures of the nephrons responsible for maintaining the salt and water balance of the blood. … Blood is filtered in the glomerulus by solute size. Ions such as sodium, chloride, potassium, and calcium are easily filtered, as is glucose.

What is renal cortex and renal medulla?

renal medulla: The inner-most region of the kidney, arranged into pyramid-like structures, that consists of the bulk of nephron structure. renal cortex: The outer region of the kidney, between the renal capsule and the renal medulla, that consists of a space that contains blood vessels that connect to the nephrons.